Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Pumpkin Patch - Nature in the Garden - Part Two

A couple of months ago there were some self-seeded little plants in our main family garden, two of which I was allowed to transplant into a patch that I dug under our playhut. We think they are either Pumpkin or Cucumber plants. Meanwhile another one of those self-seeded plants has grown in the main garden and there is a little pumpkin on it which hopefully soon will be a wonderful dinner for our family.


Rosie said...

Great gardening.....pumpkins and oak trees.....great to see you develop your own interest and experimentation in 2007...keep it up! Love Mumx

E.E said...

I Love your Pumpkin Pach!!!!

bravo charlie boy said...

Hi jon im back on pls read my latest