Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The Holidays !!!!!!!!!!

We came home a couple of days ago from our Christmas Break and Holidays (sigh). We had a wonderful time in the beautiful summer weather while in Tauranga for Christmas before heading to Lake Rotoiti in the beautiful Rotorua Lakes District, on Boxing Day. We enjoyed helping cook and eat a Hangi for Christmas dinner, playing cricket in two venues, with two different cousins, swimming in a river, lakes and at Ohope, in the sea, sailing, tramping up a ridge we didn't know you could get up, riding on 'biscuits' behind various kind people's motor boats, camping outside the bach, trying to kill a possum that was making a large racket at night above our tents, picking and eating plums and doing heaps of other fun things together. Here are some pics:


Rosie said...

Great family holiday! Lots of new and different memories of adventures at ALL hours of the day and night.......the possum hunting did get a little tiresome after the third visit!!!! Thanks for all you did to make it a fun time:-)

E.E said...

It was a great Holiday... Can't wait to do it again. Love E