Wednesday, 12 December 2007


School in our family is done in the home. It doesn't just involve sitting down at the kitchen table from 9 to 3 and doing English, Maths, Social Studies, Science and Music. In fact, at the table we only really do English (aka writing) and Maths in books (s+ometimes this doesn't happen though). Usually this happens before lunch.

We all learn some type of instrument except A2, M (who already knows the Piano) and D (who can play the Cello). S7 and E10 learn the Piano and I learn the Guitar. We learn most of our other subjects doing either: things with other families such as the A's on Thursdays and the T's on alternate Wednesdays or things such as going to the park, reading together, reading by ourselves, reading the paper, helping on the farm and going to Homeschool Group.

I have been very lucky in being able to go over to the farm this year and help the farmer with milking and feeding the animals. It has enabled me to be able to find out how a farm like that is run and I have enjoyed immensely. Being homeschooled gives us the flexibility to do things like this which would be harder to work around school schedules.

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Rosie said...

I like the idea that you value the time to develop the skills to learn in areas that are REALLY interting. Well done. I wonder if any of the All Blacks were Home schooled?