Monday, 26 November 2007

Dangerous as Anything

( Sorry, not sure how to rotate the photos)

The weekend before last the S7, D and I went with The McG and the A boys to Lake Rotoiti for a Dangerous Boys weekend. We left at about 6:00am on Friday morning and took with us K10 and L7 of Inventions Adventures fame with us. When we got there we went out in the rain on the Go-Kart and wrecked a tyre while drifting on loose gravel (on the road, girls would absolutely not approve!!!). Later, after the McG's arrived, we set up some tents to sleep in that night. Earlier we had gone adventuring up to where the Glow-Worms are and went exploring the surrounding area. We went and played a game of rugger at the park during which D tweaked his adductor muscle and therefore could not play in the big match the next day!!! That night we got a fire going really well and used most of the neighbours rubbish pile to do so! After that we went up to the Glow-Worms and got into bed really rather late!! The next morning while we were just finishing breakfast the rest of the A's arrived and later that morning we got to go to a freshwater stream that you can drink out of and went under the road on kayaks. When Mr A wanted a photo of us all on one kayak, the kayak got pushed by the fast flow of water against the concrete wall and my leg was between them!!! When we finally got going just before the end of the tunnel the kayak tipped and we all got bangs and bruises. Later on we had a big game of rugby before going to Lake Okataina for a bush walk. That night we had an even bigger fire than the night before and played games and toasted marshmallows before going to bed after we had found out that the Aussies had beaten us in the netball. The next day we went swimming and boating and cleaned up before leaving for home. On the way home we stopped at Pokeno where we had a ice cream and a burger each. We all had kiddy (big two scoopers) cones except D who had a baby cone (one big scoop).


Rach said...

Turn your pics on your computer first and then they will be up the right way on your blog!

"Thanks very much," said JE

"You're welcome," his personal computer assistant replied.

Rosie said...

You are really dangerous!! Hope we can all do it again in 08. D