Monday, 26 March 2007


Hello to everybody who is reading this blog I hope you enjoy reading my stories and adventures.

This is a story which I have been writing especially for this blog:

In The Beginning:
One Family's Adventure's on a Hartley 16 Foot Trailer Sailer Recorded in The Ship's Logbook


It all began that day the 14th of December, 2000, when I (Peter Hill) answered the phone, it was my Dad (Brian) saying he had found a 16 foot Hartley Trailer Sailer in great condition on the online auction site Trademe.

To Be Continued


Rach said...

Does your Dad know you're doing this? heehee
Looking forward to more updates on the story.

-Mrs Bear (aka Goldilocks's mother!)

kate5kiwis said...

happy sailing
happy writing
love from bravo charlie’s mummy X

bravo charlie boy said...

sounds top notch. you know i am writing
a story as well